Let it go


“I think you can never again use the tea pots”, my teacher said. And deep down I have known all along. Now no more struggle, no more hopes or frantic search for another solution. Just a frank realization – the tea brewed in the pots leaves a dry and uncomfortable feeling, and the taste is affected, even after all the cleansing they are not pure anymore. Nothing more to do about it. So time to let it go.

It sounds so easy – to just “let it go”; but sometimes letting go is the most difficult we can do. Letting go of hopes, letting go of fears, letting go of memories of who we were, or who we believed we were, or letting go of this wonderful dream of a small tea house of my own, with my precious tea pots as a start.

Accepting the fact plainly actually makes me feel free.

I watch the sea now from my window; it is a bleak November day; a grey, misty Swedish Sunday, by the seaside. The sea is tranquil. The waves are, for the moment, still; the water is just playing with the remaining rays of sunlight on its surface.  I can sense the stillness of nature deep inside, in my mind, in my body. A warm feeling of belonging, of reaching home after a long journey. Letting go, becoming free.



One thought on “Let it go

  1. Vad härligt att du kan känna så och en så fin start på en ny tillvaro. Från hela mitt hjärta önskar jag dig allt gott framöver. Vilken underbar bild. Fortsätt att njuta av både omgivning och den fria känslan.


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