In Silence I Hear

I sit in silence and listen.

I notice the surrounding. The sighing of the wind, the elegant robin chattering in the magnolia tree, the quick footsteps of the dog on the wooden floor, the rumbling water pipes, the ticking clock, the screaming ducks and the singing swans; even the sound of my own breathing is clear to my ear.

The city is never quiet, it performs quite another song than nature. While natural sounds from the forest and sea are peaceful and makes my body respond and vibrate to the surrounding in a pleasant way, the man-made machines of modern city life make environmental noise and sound pollution, which intrudes, obstructs and disturbs me. So what conclusions do I draw –  where do I decide to live, and why? The decision is solely mine, I do have a certain freedom to choose my own path, based on my own experience and intiuition and possibilities. Where is the best place for me to appreciate tea? The easy path is hard to pursue for a confused human being.



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